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Bad Blogger, Bad

I am a bad blogger. I let too much time go by between posts for anyone to be interested in anything I have to say.  The only comments I get are from my boyfriend and ads for Porn Sites.  And… Continue Reading →

Been Away, Far, Far Away

And your first thought may be to ask… have you, Poet, been on an exotic vacation kibitzing with barons and earls and “famous” poets?  And by your whims of fancy you would be half correct for I am always in… Continue Reading →

The Last Track by Sam Hilliard So if this doesn’t make you want to buy the book, I’ll tell you that Sam has toiled on this project for several years longer than maybe anyone should toil over anything, but Mike Brody is a character well… Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to Wildlife Explorer Concerning My Free Wildlife Adventure

To Whom it May Concern: Thank you for mailing me the  6  glossy, binder-ready fact sheets about various world animals.  I always wanted to know what an African Dik-Dik looked like or what regions I could travel to if I… Continue Reading →

Vous Maudissent, France!

France has introduced a new law that would make it illegal to cause “psychological violence” upon your spouse or live-in partner during an argument. So calling your spouse any of the following: “douche bag”, “fuck knocker”, “artard”, “whore who slept… Continue Reading →

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